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Don't use Zorin OS.

You may have heard of a GNU/Linux distro by the name of Zorin OS.

Here's why you should not use it.

1. It's Ubuntu

Zorin OS 16 is simply Ubuntu 20.04 with a few themes and apps pre-installed. However, because it's technically a different distro, none of the Ubuntu forums will help you.

2. They steal other projects

Zorin OS includes software such as "Zorin Software", "Zorin Windows App Support", and "Zorin Connect", among many others. These three in particular are GNOME Software, (a GUI wrapper for) Wine, and KDE Connect, each with the Zorin UI theme. They don't even mention anywhere that these are not their projects or credit their respective authors (e.g. you can only recognise that it's GNOME Software from the UI or launch it through the command line with "gnome-software" to figure that out, or how the About view in the Connect mobile app has been removed).

3. They charge for free stuff

I bought the Pro edition because it said it came with "the best apps and most advanced features" and "the same 3D graphics & effects software used by Hollywood studios". Interesting to know that Hollywood uses Blender and GIMP.

4. It's outdated

Ubuntu, the popular distro that Zorin is based on, releases new major versions every year, with LTS versions every two years (receiving support for five years), and providing extended security maintenance to all LTS versions for an additional five years with a free account. Zorin only releases new major versions every two years with an odd few patches here and there. This also means that your Zorin installation would almost certainly ship with an outdated kernel.

The only thing I remotely miss using it for is the themes, but you can probably copy those off a live Zorin USB or something. So yeah, if you were planning on installing Zorin OS, you should probably think twice.