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How to write a Discord bot in Python using

Discord is the biggest chatting platform for all gamers and people in general out there, and there's no doubt that if you have Discord, you've seen a Discord bot. Everyone's seen Dank Memer, Dyno, Carl-bot, Ticket Tool, and many other famous bots, as well as servers' own custom bots, but how do you make one yourself? This article will guide you through making a Discord bot in Python using, a popular library/wrapper for the Discord API. It's also my first blog post :) Note: this tutorial was written for 1.7.x. That version is now discontinued, and while it still works as I write, Discord may change things in their API that stop it from working and you'll have to upgrade to v2.0.x (which you should anyway). TLDR; until I update this tutorial, you might want to look somewhere else.